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Because 2020...

Murder Hornets. Remember them?

No, we barely did, either

Imagine a year so extreme, that Murder Hornets threatening to do battle with the human race, is so easily deleted from our psyches.

Although, in defence of the waspy creatures, what else are you expected to achieve in life, with a name like Murder Hornets? 

Join St Johns Ambulance? Read Classics at Cambridge University? Become a hipster and run your own tech start up in East London?

No. you're pretty much set on an immovable path, with a label like that

2020 has been challenging, if you want to put an optimstic slant on it.

It's also been traumatic, frightening, life-altering and sad, if you tend towards a more realistic view

None of us have been left untouched by this global pandemic

Whether working from home. Finding ourselves living through lockdown alone. Furloughed from jobs and unable to pay for our homes.

Losing people we love to the virus, and to the worsening mental health epidemic it has left in it's wake

Being a front line worker and saving lives, in every single way imaginable

Living through this has damaged us. And we need to heal. All of us, without exception

Every. Single. One.

How we need to repair and recover is, for some, job-specific

We have worked with enough NHS Trusts over the past few months, to understand that most health workers have developed not only exhaustion, but P.T.S.D. This is something that we only used to see in former soldiers

It is the same for all types of First Responders

A truly terrible price to pay for keeping our country going. And we want to do everything we can to try and make dealing with this as comfortable as possible

Anyone who has had COVID-19 and needed hospitalisation, or suffered long-term health issues afterwards? 

Many also display P.T.S.D. severe anxiety, and depression

Health Anxiety can be such a difficult thing to talk about, we know. We've been there.

So, again, we want to help

Everything on our Because 2020 section, is to do with tackling the emotional fall-out and re-building psycholigical resilience, in the face of this on-going trauma

It is a free resource that will be added to regularly, and is totally separate from the members section

We cannot change what has happened in 2020. But we absolutely can work daily to help you feel supported, heard and yes, healed

Let's figure out the ways in which 2020 has affected you, then use that new knowledge to get you pointed towards the most effective kind of help

It took us years, but we now finally understand that having a proper mental health diagnosis, is an incredibly empowering thing indeed.

We no longer believe that having a label is a bad or limiting thing

Unless you're a Murder Hornet, obviously...