Code of Conduct

Hello Forum Friend!


Thank you for joining our online community, it really would not be the same without you!


Our Forum is a totally different experience to anything we have ever seen before. So it’s important you go in there with a clear picture of it’s intention:


This forum exists as a place for us all to practise excellent mental health. So think of this as your own private rehearsal space.


Please feel free to discuss your progress in using all of the professionally-approved tips and exercises, set out in each room.


This is the intention of our forum. Discussion related to tools, tips and practise.


Please read the forum rules before posting. It’s important everyone understands our Code of Conduct.




•   please do not ask for medical advice: There are no on-duty medical professionals on this website. Instead, follow the traffic light system on our home page.


•   please do not offer medical advice: even if you are a medical professional who happens to be using the forum.


•   please do not post if you are actively suicidal. It is vital that you go straight to A&E and request to be seen by the 24 hour crisis team. If you cannot get to A&E, please call an ambulance. The forum members cannot do this for you.


•   be kind, courteous and respectful. This is a safe space for people to practise well-being techniques, not a place for drama and confrontation. Any negative or antagonistic responses will be deleted.


•   please do not send unsolicited DM’s to other members. Or ask for medical advice, harass them, or sell them anything. 


•   there will be no racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discriminations.  This will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate suspension. 


•   spamming is not permitted; please keep all your posts as constructive as possible. Anyone promoting their MLM’s, private therapy or life coach businesses will be immediately suspended.


•   no posts or comments referring to political affiliations.

•   please do not reveal any personal information on forums such as D.O.B., address, mobile phone number or email address.


•   please do not hand out any of your financial details. You will never be asked to pay for anything inside our site other than your membership


•   no posts of a sexual or explicit content.


Failure to comply to the code of conduct will result in immediate termination of membership.


Only fully signed up paid members have access to the forum, so privacy is assured. 


Thank you