I wanna text you up

(PS please tell us you are old enough to remember Color Me Badd, or we surely cannot be friends!)

This is a couples-centric post. They aren’t always like this.

How could they be? Carrie was single for five years before meeting Clarke. All she ever wrote about was being single.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, texting.

We won’t repeat ourselves by going over what we put in the note eBook about why we use texting in our marriage as a vital form of communication.

There’s no need to go into it twice.

Instead, we want to look at easy examples to send spouses, when it comes explaining how we feel.

First off: take an approved online diagnostic test. That way you already have an objective score to refer to.

After that it is totally up to your discernment as to when you text your other half.

Some do it before going to see their G.P.

Others drop that text after the appointment.

The great thing about texting info like this, is that there’s simply no drama.

It is completely expected that would go see a qualified medical professional about any bodily issue.

The brain is part of the body.

If you had a headache for an extended period of time, you would book in at your doctors surgery.

Low mood or anxiety are in the exact same region, so why not view them the same.

It is also completely fine to text your partner to come to the doctor with you, without a major dissection over why.

Some prefer to take their spouse, some do not. We do because it works for us.

”Not feeling great.”

”Haven’t been feeling myself lately.”

”l know l could feel better.”

These are all such short sentences to use as a precursor to telling our loved one that we are going to engage with help, or have done so.

Don’t get us wrong; being married or single makes no difference in reclaiming our Mental Health.

But if we are in a relationship? We must be open to every medium of communication that will help us explain how we are feeling.

It really is one of the first dominos that must fall in order for the rest to move.

Who doesn’t text their spouse about countless incidental things a day?

Just a few more typed out words could change everything for the better, when it comes to our Mental Wellbeing.

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