A Hard Ask


Thats what the caring, protecting and healing professions are

They aren’t jobs, but callings

When your professional and personal instincts tell you to run toward the danger

Rather than follow the rest of us as we flee it

That is the essence of a front line worker

We admire, respect and thank you for your service to us all

And we want you to show some of that love and kindness to yourself

It’s such a hard sell. Getting those in the caring professions to care for themselves

Because they naturally put everyone else first

But we must insist that you start

Otherwise so many will end up very unwell indeed

And then you won’t be able to care for anyone. Which can’t happen! We all need you too much!

We would really like you to consider using a professional listening ear, after you finish a shift.

Yeah, we hear you, it’s the last thing anyone feels like doing when you are that exhausted

But to offload to a trained listener. A stranger. It stops those feelings building up

You’ll be far less likely to keep reliving that days events

Now doesn’t that sound like a Blessed Relief?

Head on over to our directory, and see what’s on offer for you locally

Samaritans phone lines, email inbox and instant messaging are always available

Asking the carer to care for themselves. Its the hardest thing in the world, at first

But it will help you continue to follow your calling in life. Without trauma or any other mental health issue taking over

And if you feel like perhaps this is already starting to happen?

That is completely understandable, given everything you’ve faced and tackled head-on this year

We will be talking about how to address that a lot around here, too

Remember you are not alone in this,

C&C x

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