A Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Experience

So as part of my endeavour to feel more Christmassy during the least festive season l can remember experiencing in a long time...today l decided we were going to have a Christmas tree in our tiny make-shift living room.

lt was going to be AWESOME! It was going to be JUST LIKE THE MOVIES. We were going to go pick one out & Carols would be playing in the background.

Snow would inexplicably start falling like gentle confetti from the sky.

Off we would go into the sunset, stunning fir tree by our side.

But this is not a movie is it?

It is real life.

So the snow was rain.

The forest was a Tesco carpark.

And the romantic festive chats were checking in to see if Clarke was just sad, or going into a depressive episode.

Before dragging our £20 potted tree back to the car, whilst l limped behind because my back is still banjaxed.

And you know what?

l am happy its not a picture perfect movie scene.

Happy that we are real people. Our emotions are genuine.

And that we get to take our straggly little bargain basement tree back to our makeshift, far from ideal living room.

And we get to be totally honest about it all. Instead of pretending for the sake of fulfilling a fantasy magical Christmas.

Perfectly imperfect will do for us just fine ❤️

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