All about the offspring

We’ve called it a nursery because this is the room that covers absolutely everything from post natal, right the way through to them being adults

There are several family-oriented rooms in Clarke & Carrie’s Place. And kids will feature in them too

But we get asked so many questions regarding parenting and mental health, that we knew this was going to be a room used a lot

Is there anything more fraught with worry than a parent who suspects their child might be in crisis?

All we want to do is protect them, and mostly it’s from a world we don’t really understand ourselves

There will be lots of experiential examples given in here

1) Because thats the only advice we can ever give, and have ever given anyone

2) Because, quite frankly, we’ve got lots of kids. Loads of them. So, as you can imagine, we’ve a lot to say

Our advice to you is to come visit with us in here, instead of spending time worrying away in silence

Please do remember that a minor in crisis must be treated in exactly the same way as an adult, when it comes to them being a danger to themselves

Please take them to A&E where they will be assessed by a member of the 24 hour crisis team

We know how scary it is to broach this particular subject, and we applaud your bravery in doing so

Honestly, we are always walking this particular path ourselves

So let’s all just do it together

C&C x

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