Be Yourself?

We talk about authenticity ALL THE TIME in oir talks.

Because its so important. Being honest and true to ourselves saves lives.

We can tell when we aren’t being ourselves, even when we don’t know who we are, without the mask on.

Not only do we feel bad emotionally amd physically.

But nothing flows the way it is supposed to.

And often we become stuck in a rut of inaction.

Like when we started Clarke & Carrie’s Place, we knew we wanted to help people.

But we also wanted to empower them to help themselves.

To use the traffic light system to get well.

And then practice in our virtual house with us, every day, or just every day you felt like it!) because:

Practice Makes Permanent.

End of.

It just does.

But we forgot the most important part; IT HAS TO BE AUTHENTIC TO US.

Otherwise we have nothing real to offer.

So we are taking it back to basics, and only including the stuff that really speaks to us.

That truly fires us up.

Amd makes this path of Wellness so exciting for us, even in our fourth year of proactively walking it, publicly and with the right professional help.

And maybe you will like it, and possibly dome bits you won’t.

But we spend all day everyday doing this stuff, so we figure why not share more of it?

So we will be posting on here, small, mundsne and often...but even more often on our instagram stories (@clarkeandcarrie)

We finally opened a tiktok (clarkeandcarriecarlisle) account even though our children will be mortified.

And our little virtual home is going to be bursting with everything we do to stay well and finally LOVE life.

Thank you for taking this journey with us, it really wouldnt be the same without you.

C&C xx