Bringing out the Big Guns

Flipping Nora, I am struggling like hell with Being Kind to myself.

I have gone room to room and tried my favourite exercises, and apart from some major breakthroughs in the Laundry Room (where the task is always to write everything out about the subject on our mind, and then just press send and release it out into the ether,) all I am doing is building up unhelpful frustrations.

So, I am doing what should always be my first action, when I realise I have hit on something major:

I am going to the garage to find the right tool for the job.

First of all I need to remind myself what my job is; to support myself in the act of changing my pattern of behaviour from self-criticism, to self-kindness.

And have a look through my tool box to see what I have to hand that can be accessed readily.

In this case I am going to use what I like to think of as my most expensive power tool, Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short.

I invested in doing an NLP course years ago. Well I say invested, my dad actually paid for it as a present for my Christmas and Birthday one year.

It was a three day course that did me so much good.

The problem is that I let this deluxe tool sit in its box far too often, instead of getting it out and using it on everything, which it is designed to do.

And that is most certainly tied in with me refusing to Be Kind to myself, because using it every day would be the act of someone who believes they deserve the very best.

Which I like the sound of, but struggle to implement...despite Clarke trying to persuade me otherwise since the very first day I met him...

But, New Year New Me, right?! So I am going to finally take this bright shiny tool, and use it properly.

And for me, that means challenging my old thoughts, behaviours and actions, as I observe them coming up.

It's asking Clarke to let me know when he observes me acting in a way that is openly self-critical, but may have escaped my attention.

Getting my journal out every evening and taking note of any new discoveries I made that day as I "do" my NLP exercises.

And I am so excited to see the results.

Do you have a therapy or Personal Development tool in your virtual garage that you know you could use today, but aren't?

Why not give it a go? You'll be in great company here, we promise!

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