Clean Sheet Sunday

I, (Carrie) was in my early thirties when I discovered the joys of a good schedule.

I grew up in a very loving and very disorganised house.

Everything was fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants.

So it never really occurred to me that I could be an efficient type of person.

It wasn’t until I moved in with a friend of mine, and watched her in action.

That I was able to see how I wanted things in my life to be.

I’ve not a great deal of imagination, you see.

So I really need very obvious visual examples, to get me going.

It turns out I really thrive on a good solid routine.

And I would most likely have spent less years of my life being so highly strung, had I understood this a lot sooner.

I love things like Clean Sheet Sunday.

It's so nice to know that a portion of today is going to be spent, making sure everyone in the house gets lovely, crisp, fresh sheets to bed down in tonight.

It's also a way of drawing a line under everything that’s occurred in the past week.

An offer of a mini fresh start.

From putting all those old sheets in the wash, as Sunday morning starts.

To putting them out on the line and smelling my favourite fabric softener on them, just before Sunday dinner preparation starts.

Then putting on the fresh sets of bedding, just before it’s time to eat together.

Everything about Clean Sheet Sunday fits in around the perfect Sunday at home, for me.

It soothes my soul.

Calms my tendency towards racing thoughts.

And allows for all kinds of subconscious reset buttons, that I don’t even need to fully know are taking place in the corners of my mind.

Most of us are having to spend our Sundays at home right now.

Why not take advantage of the fresh start that is the full routine of a Clean Sheet Sunday?

No more carrying the full baggage of an old week into the new.

A truly clean sheet all round.