Day 5 in the Lockdown 2.0 house...

Yes, I (Clarke) read that in a geordie accent, which is rather good now having married a Cramlington lass. I sound more North Eastern as opposed to South East Asian.

Accents aren’t my strongpoint. And neither is isolation.

Being locked off from the world is reminiscent of my deep depressive episodes.

The strange thing in these episodes is that, even though I choose to become insular, hide away from the world in thoughts and actions, it doesn’t feel like that at the time. It feels all consuming. Like the world has shunned me and forced me into exile.

Well, this time that actually is the case. And that is part of the reason that I’m able to manage it better.

This is not a depressive episode

This is not a personal rejection

This is a circumstance that has been imposed on us all and, most importantly, it too is finite.

This period will end, and hopefully we will all have maintained our health and safety throughout it in order to emerge on the other side.

Until then, there is another way that I maintain my mood and feeling at this time.

The restrictions can very easily cause me to think about what we can’t do and what we don’t have

We are still a family of four living in my mother-in-law’s spare room

Our speaking work is still against every COVID rule and regulation and so is non-existent

My physical wellbeing mechanism of playing golf is against the rules

The services to assess and support our non-verbal 2 year old are on pause, again

My weapon against this is simple yet extremely powerful.

Whilst I’m having my morning coffee I take the time to appreciate what we DO have.

A roof over our heads

Food to put on the table

A loving marriage

Beautiful healthy children

The ability to help and support others through the work we do

A window to look out into the garden and witness the myriad of colours that cascade down from the trees as they shed their autumnal coat

These simple reflections fill me with a sense of appreciation and contentment

We misread “content” as “settling for” nowadays. That’s not what it means

To be contented is to be appreciative of what we have, thankful for what is.

It doesn’t rule out aspiration, hoping and working towards more or better. It just allows us to go on that journey without feeling “less than” or “lacking”.

What are you thankful for today?

Take 5 minutes to appreciate these things in your life because they are still here, in and amongst the tribulations of lockdown life x

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