Different soaks for different folks

Aaaaand relaaaax...

Thats all there is to do here, in the bathroom

Its a place to switch off from the world

Lock that door

Run those taps

Pour in a load of scented bubble bath

Light those lovely candles

And just let the outside world disappear

The C&C place bathroom is totally dedicated to all things “me time”

We dish out a lot of pampering instructions here

And we strongly encourage you to make time for them

Because our natural inclination is to refuse

"Who has time for spoiling themselves, in this day and age?"

"Isn’t it a bit selfish?"

"More than a little self-indulgent?"


Its actually an incredibly important part of the journey to excellent mental well-being

The mind is a funny old thing

One of its trickier universal characteristics is, that the more our own mental health takes a nose-dive, the more keen we are to divert our attention towards other peoples' wants and needs

Instead of addressing our own

And we don’t want any of us to do that anymore

So, let’s use this room to unwind

Soak our little troubles away

Pamper and restore ourselves

Ready to embrace the world again

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