Gather Round...

Breaking bread and having family discussions with our loved ones is such a fulfilling, wholesome activity

Unless we are trying to hide adverse mental health issues

Then it’s a nightmare at worst, and a farcical pantomime at best

The pressure of self-imposed deceit is a terrible thing to bear

We speak from years of experience here

Its not helpful. Nor is it necessary

Because, emotional well-being is never us versus them

It's always a family affair

And the more family members we can get to join in with these moments of sharing, the better All our long term health prospects will be

Mental Health truly is the great equaliser: we all have it. Good and bad

Our dining room is where we come together and truly bond, irrespective of age, gender, or anything else that society likes to define us through

So please, gather round our table and lets begin those life-affirming conversations

There is always a chair for you here

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