I work out...

Welcome to our imaginary gym of the mind!

That's about as close to doing any actual exercise as it gets in here...so don't worry about digging out that lil'spandex number in the back of your wardrobe...

That's because we focus on a very different type of core strength in here. The kind that is truly essential to well-being and balance:

Emotional Resilience

Many people fake bounce-back-ability. We both did so for years

But the ugly truth is, that when we don't have this resilience? Life enervates us. People hurt us. Personal events have the potential to damage and traumatise us

Once we learned, then began practising resilience, we stopped getting the psychological injuries that we used to sustain, when we tried to push through emotional sprains and fractures

We would love you to feel a little stronger, every time you come visit us in our gym

It took us until our late thirties to understand, then harness this form of work out. But now we know how essential it is to maintaining our great mental health. We love a daily gym workout!

Enjoy the tips and exercises we post in here. And don't forget to head on over to the forum, you never know who might want to practice lifting and need a buddy to spot them!

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