Invest in your room?

We all want to spend the most time in the rooms we love, right?

We have rooms we like to hang out in together, and then there’s the ones we like chill out in, alone.

Carrie loves the kitchen. Clarke likes to bask in the sunlight of the conservatory.

But both of us love to be together in the living room at night once the kids are in bed.

Deciding where the place is that brings you the most joy is really important.

This space is really worth investing effort in.

For instance, Carrie loves to read cookbooks, sometimes she even makes the things that are in them.

Yet for years her cookbooks were hidden away, absolutely nowhere near the kitchen at all.

Until finally it occurred to her there needed to be a shelf on the wall, so she could look at their lovely colourful sleeves and feel happy.

And yes also use them more. Maybe.

It really would be wonderful to be able to afford the rooms of our dreams.

But most of us can’t, so the baby steps will do instead.

A shelf here, some fablon there.

A tin of paint for good measure.

Little touches, can make the rooms we use to work on our Mental Wellbeing, so much more effective.

Now, instead of getting distracted by how much the blank walls irritate her, Carrie can switch off her mind, and get baking.

(And Clarke can count putting up a shelf as his practical activity for the day.)

Can you plan one thing to do for your favourite room this week?

It is such a buzz to see it completed!

C&C xx

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