Is it Right to Write?

Any sort of communication, that’s the goal.

Opening up. That’s the main thing.

All we want to do is explore as many options as possible with you.

Like we say in our little eBook; the bonus of writing how we feel, rather than speaking it, is negating any knee-jerk reactions.

When we feel low, even the slightest hint of a negative response can feel like a devastating blow.

Even if its never intended as such.

We will be going room to room in the Clarke and Carrie’s Place virtual house.

Leaving videos and blog posts discussing which form of writing we believe work best, with each person you’d expect to find in there in a teal house.

If you’ve already read “This Note Could Save a Life”, then it will be no surprise that our Annexe room (some call it a Granny Flat.) is where we suggest handwriting a card, the old-fashioned way.

Likewise, the kitchen will obviously feature the Note on the Fridge, but we will expand further on scenarios where people have used it with success in the past.

We will be checking back in mid-week with a few highlights from the videos, so don’t forget to come see us then!

Remember, starting the ball rolling with any communication at all, that’s the main thing. This is just one of the many methods of doing it.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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