It’s All Business...

In our little home office!

Who knew just how handy this bad boy would be a year ago, eh?

Gone are the days when people rarely brought their work home with them

Nowadays we barely get to do much else

The stresses of work are never left at the door

Which means we don’t ever truly get to switch off

And we know you don’t need us to tell you, how truly awful that scenario is, for anyone’s well-being

We want to take a really good look at all things work, here in our office

What hinders mental well-being. What aides it

How our families can possibly benefit from your Employee Assistance Programme

And why your employers are so keen for you to use your E.A.P. to get and stay well

The majority of our work is in the corporate mental well-being sector

We‘ve spoken to thousands of employees in this arena, so this is a conversation we feel really comfortable having with you, here, in our place

Any time you feel like it, loosen off that tie

Kick off those work heels

And come have a chinwag with us, in this little workspace of ours

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