Just a small chat about PTSD...

Trauma. There's simply no way around it

To release it, the only out, is through

If youve taken the PTSD questionnaire on our Home Page, then you may have only just realised that you could be sufferingfrom PTSD, yourself

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis rates have gone through the roof this year.

Every time we came across someone with symptoms, we were newly surprised. Because, truly, the only time we ever came across PTSD symptoms, pre-COVID-19, was when someone had come out of the army and into civillian life

But thats just not the case anymore. Not after the huge amounts of trauma that so many people have been saturated in, for extended periods in 2020

Look, don't worry, this is not going to be an in-depth analysis of what PTSD is, what may have brought it on for you, or any sort of navel-gazing whatsoever

All we want is for you to take the PTSD questionnaire on our home page. This is particularly important to do if you have been working on the front line of the pandemic

Sometimes just knowing theres a concise label, that explains the jumbled-up, hazy, confusing emotions and fears we feel, can make us less afraid

As always, if your symptoms are unmanagable and are feeling suidical, treat this as the emergency that it is. Call an ambulance or go to A&E straight away

Please remember that having these feelings is never, ever a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it is an indicator that your emotional guidance system is working very well indeed

These scary symtoms are dealt with very effectively in therapy, and by taking the correct prescribed medication. We know this to be true, because we have both experienced symptoms of PTSD in the past

We both also had absolutely no idea that this was what was happening to us, either, by the way. Not until medical professionals pointed it out to us

We really do need to start having these little talks about PTSD

All of us

There is absolutely no shame in it. We certainly do not feel any

And we hope that by carrying on this conversation another time, you will grow to feel the same way that we do

In the meantime, stay safe, be kind to yourself, and take very good care of you

Love and Blessings, C&C

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