Just another mini metamorphosis

Whats your current weak spot?

l guess the most honest answer must be that you don’t know.

None of us do.

Not until it’s pointed out to us, anyway

My own life has taught me that I can identify my own current weakest spots. I do this by trying to become more aware of what I’m subconsciously drawn to.

When I was a problem-drinker, it took me years to accept that it was an issue for me.

But I was always drawn to sober literature and forums about people who were quitting alcohol.

l found sober people‘s stories really interesting.

Whereas now, none of it appeals to me anymore.

Because drinking is no longer my weak spot.

There’s always something to work on.

A few years ago this thought would have made me feel intimidated and hopeless, truth be told.

But that’s because I didn’t understand that I was always working on something

Which, unfortunately, meant that I was often working on making my anxiety worse.

At the moment, I’m really drawn to anything that’s to do with getting organised.

There’s a series called The Home Edit, on Netflix.

I can’t tell you how relaxed it makes me feel.

Watching this has made me realise that, although I love to clean, l’m extremely disorganised.

This really should not be a light-bulb moment for me, given that for years I refused to open any post.

Yet I honestly was astounded by this realisation.

l am extremely disorganised.

l want to be very organised.

l am glad I have this new insight into my behaviour, because now I can change.

l am looking forward to changing.

And I know that I’ll be drawn to something else when I’ve completed this mini metamorphosis.

And I like that it’s always just a current weakness.

Because when everything evolves, nothing is permanent.

And when impermanency because our norm?

Theres nothing intimidating to see here:

Just another mini metamorphosis...