Let it out. Let it go.

I spend a lot of time in the Clarke and Carrie’s place laundry room.

(I mean, I spend a lot of time in our real life laundry room too, because apparently our laundry baskets get lonely and demand clothes that I swear I’ve just washed, come to keep them company at all times.)

But our virtual laundry room? It’s somewhere that makes me feel better and does so very quickly.

I go in there to get things off my chest.

I write them down in the little text box we have in there.

lf I don’t have a lot of time, then it’s just key words or short sentences.

If I’ve got longer, then all of the thoughts in my head come pouring out.

Then I’ll concentrate on the sentences I have the most visceral reaction to.

It feels so good to let them out.

Let them out, then let them go.

I feel so light, afterwards.

Like I’ve totally emptied, then spring cleaned and organised my mind.

Sometimes the thought returns. But it’s never as deep, and it will go away if I write about it in my laundry room.

Sometimes the most stubborn of thought stains just need an extra rinse.

I like how it gives my brain space to think new thoughts.

Instead of just doing a repeat cycle of the same old bad-feeling thoughts, over and over again.

And, like my actual laundry, I like to do a load as early in the day as possible.

Then I have time on my side. Time to do it again if I want to.

But mostly, time to enjoy the freedom of that memory space in my mind where the worry used to be.

So if you haven’t used the C&C laundry room in a while?

Give it a whirl.

The peace of mind you get back in return for letting go, really is the loveliest of feelings.

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