Little Acts of Kindness

The new tiered restrictions across the country, along with an upward trend in confirmed cases, is going to see another tough period for us as a society, and even more so for some members of our communities

The number of people working from home will increase because it is the safe and sensible thing to do

This doesn't mean that it is the easiest thing to do

When you have family around and under your feet, demanding attention and making concentration near impossible, it's inconvenient

But what about those who don't have anyone around them?

It makes the 'work' time easier, but it makes the 'life' time considerably harder

When there's no physical interaction with other human beings, it is scientifically proven that we suffer psychologically and emotionally

How some are yearning for the distraction that family offers

And what of our older generation who already experience long periods of isolation?

These restrictions must make the uncertainty of when they'll ever get to see another human almost unbearable, at the very least discomfiting

So, what can we do?

Everybody is going through this, everybody needs some kind of positivity within their life, so who will service the needs of us all?


If we take 5 minutes in our day to offer a little act of kindness to someone else, we can support each other through the lonely times

And, like in Daniel's story, you never know the additional impact of what our kindness can bring

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