Monday, mondaaaaay

How we spend our Mondays is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Lockdown Monday may be a slight variation on the main Monday theme.

Yet still, we would be wise to pay attention to our Monday morning feelings.

There are some parts of this Monday morning, in my own case, which l (Carrie) know are finite.

Our baby will not always be a baby. And I will not need to get up every hour through the night with her.

(That’s true, right?!?!)

I will always need to work on a Monday morning. At some stages in life this was a more strict timetable than others though.

Like for instance, when l was a teacher. If you don’t show up to work on a Monday morning in that job? People notice.

There were loads of things l disliked about working in education, obviously, or l would still be doing it.

But l absolutely loved the strict schedule that came with it.

I honestly thrive on a well-mapped out timetable, Clarke and l both do.

As a jobbing tv presenter, my shifts at different channels were equally rigidly assembled into a month by month calendar that l had to adhere to religiously, or l would turn up at the wrong channel at the incorrect time.

So, back then, l may not actually have been working on a Monday morning.

But l knew exactly how the day was going to pan out, and what was required of me.

I am not a teacher or a tv presenter anymore.

Right now? My main job is a Mammy who gets to work part time from home.

l didn’t have my first child until 37, so it is still something l am getting used to:

No longer being defined by my work, but by my offspring.

A result of my new “career change” is that Monday mornings are pretty much my own.

And honestly? l have to be very careful not to flounder in the face of this freedom.

Ideally, l would set myself an equally stringent work schedule.

But l have two tiny humans, and the time they will be this small is finite.

I will blink, and they will both be in school.

So, l resist the urge to get anxious in this free-fall of a Monday morning timetable.

I roll my (baby rusk covered) sleeves up. l play peek-a-boo. l build blocks.

How we spend our Mondays is, of course, how we spend our lives.

And l am so fortunate to have this version of Monday mornings.

At this later stage in my life, when l can truly appreciate the contrast of it.

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