My Lovely House?

How is your mental housekeeping?

We made Clarke & Carrie’s place a virtual house, because we are proper homebodies.

All our important conversations take place inside our four walls.

Most of our family memories are made behind our front door.

And when Clarke was discharged from psychiatric hospital, home was where we cocooned and started that vital journey to wellness.

This was when we learned and appreciated the true power our home could have in building great mental health habits.

How each room could be utilised:

Either as a room for communicating with specific family members, (the kids room at bedtime, the dining room for whole family discussions.)

Or a place to invest in ”me time”, whether it be relaxing in the bathroom, or organising the kitchen cupboards, after all, every mind needs a different way to relax!

Many people believe that homes have to be beautifully decorated, or immaculately clean to be good for supporting our Mental Health & Wellbeing, but we do mot believe that’s necessarily true.

We made the most progress with our depression and anxiety:

•first off in a very dates little terraced house we rented and could not decorate or do snything really except keep clean & organised.

•secondly, when we lived in a family members spare bedroom and stayed with them for a year during lockdown. Yes, us and our two children, all in one bedroom.

No, we couldn’t do anything to make this place our own-how rude would that be!

But we knew we had to keep using a home space like we used to when we had our own physical home, as every room played such a different and vital part in keeping us well.

So instead we created a virtual house to get our daily wellbeing practice in.

Because, as you know, Practice Makes PERMANENT!

We love how many of you use our little virtual house to do the same.

But we also appreciate the not everyone wants to use it.

Some people just want to take the exercises and do them in real life in their own home.

So we have something for you to do that instead!

Watch out for it on Thursday...

In the meantime stay safe, be well, and know better days are ahead,

C&C xx

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