1995 featured PEAK Saturdays as far as l am concerned.

l would wake up fully rested. Hadn’t discovered pubs yet, so absolutely no hangover.

Then l would get an early bus in to Newcastle, and spend the morning taking dance classes.

Afterwards l would change into whatever River Island or Jeffrey Rogers OOTD was my favourite.

Go to drama class.

Then spend the rest of the weekend with my stage school mates.

(I was a total nerd at heart. l still am.)

The great thing about 1995 weekends, was that everything was a great fit for me, effortlessly.

l had just enough money to do everything l wanted to do.

The right amount of energy to keep constantly busy yet never feel tired.

Even the right combination of mates:

A best friend who l was always with, and a larger circle of friends we both had, so we always had plenty of craic to entertain us.

And my little family unit of Mum, Dad, and younger brother, were always there to come home to.

I was never exposed to any real stress, so l had not yet developed major anxiety issues.

Life is different now.

Obviously life is different now.

l’m 40 rather than 15 years old.

A mother of two children under the age of three, so naturally l never feel fully rested.

I wouldn’t say just enough money to do what we want is effortlessly achieved, either.

And friendships are definitely something l have let slip over the years.

And that little family unit of four?

Two of them live in Africa; one in the middle. The other at the very bottom.

Yes, my Saturdays are different. lt would be weird if they weren’t.

But the feeling-place of my once ideal Saturday, is still a very important thing for me to strive for.

Sure, l may not wake up rested; but l stay true to that feeling of never being hungover, because l have learned how vital it is for my mental well being.

Do l spend the whole day in my own little Glee Club? No. But l make sure there is always some form of creative outlet. Writing, Baking, Reading. It doesn’t need to be for long, just enough to give my ever-churning brain some time off.

My OOTD is whatever doesn’t have baby sick on it, and that is fine for our current lockdown, small child circumstances. But l know it is something important to me, so l make a note to work on it in the future.

The friendship part l am, admittedly, crap at. But l am making tentative steps to sorting that out. And, now l have identified how important this is to me, the motivation is actually there to do it, which is new for me.

And the family l know will always be there to come home to? I found my soulmate and made one of our own. And that is a fact so astonishing to me, that l still can’t fully take it in.

As today is Saturday, here’s a little exercise for you to join me in:

Think back to a time when your Saturdays were truly awesome: a totally perfect fit for you. Effortlessly great.

Write down on your phone, the key components that made them so wonderful.

Then ask yourself, How can l bring the feeling-place of those Saturdays, into my present day ones?

Oh and one more fun top tip to make the exercise fun?

When you have identified the timeframe your best Saturdays took place? Get your spotify/deezer/youtube app out and find a playlist from back then! It really does help with those positivity levels!

Right l am off to live out my best Saturday...whilst listening to Rhythm of The Night for the 30th time in a row...even though the band that sang it must surely be re-evaluating their life choices...nice one Corona 🤦🏻‍♀️

Happy Saturday!

Carrie x

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