Sleep on it...

Ah the bedroom

A place to rest. Replenish energy

And of course, connect with your other half

Look, we are married, so oftentimes we will refer to the significant relationship in anyone’s life as their marital one

But we don’t do it to invalidate anyone else’s experience

Rather, we do it because everything we talk about in Clarke & Carrie’s Place, has been learned by us firsthand

We have to speak our own truths, just as surely as you must speak yours

We are two people who historically aren’t great at relationships

We’ve both been less than ideal partners in the past

And we‘ve experienced some pretty steep learning curves together, too.

We‘ve often heard it said that marriage is a lot of hard work

However, like so many of our most important life lessons

It feels more authentic for us to say:

Marriage is a lot of practice.

We practice:

honesty • intimacy




And many more skills that we will get to, all in good time

Our marriage is honestly our greatest achievement

We are really good at being married to each other. And a great husband / wife in general

We take pride in this, because none of it came naturally

We learned what not to do. And who we didn’t want to be

And, through patience, mutual support and a lot of rehearsal

We evolved into the kind of unity we didn’t even know existed

And still we continue to grow together

We will never be done making This marriage better

A lot of it actually comes from spending time in our C&C garden

So if you haven‘t had a wander round there yet, please make sure it’s somewhere you visit soon

But a lot of the aspects of what makes our collective mental well-being so strong, we will be sharing in here

If you are dating, or single right now, this is still the place for you. so worry not

Life to us is one big circle of experiences

We guarantee we’ve been where you are, at several points in our own lives

So you won’t ever feel excluded

We will also be discussing sleep, as it’s something that is inseparable with mental health, in all its facets

We look forward to seeing you here again soon,

C&C x

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