So Fresh & So Clean

Laundry: it’s either a favourite part of keeping house

With the lovely scent of freshly washed sheets

The warm comfort of soft fluffy towels, straight out of the tumble dryer

And that feeling of accomplishment when you actually achieve the Holy Grail of putting everything away where it belongs

Not that the latter part gets done on the same day as the first two

We aren‘t that organised around these parts


It’s every bit the chore it's named to be

Irritating. Monotonous. Thankless.

And, of course, relentless

Because, no matter how many times we do our laundry, it will always need to be washed again in the future

The thing is, even if we don’t love the process, there are tricks and techniques we can use, to make it less laborious:

Soaking stains, or popping the item in the washing machine the same day, so the mark doesn’t get a chance to permeate the fabric

By contrast, the longer we leave our items festering in the bottom of the laundry bag, the harder the job will be when we finally decide to tackle it

Harder, but by no means impossible

This is our laundry room. And yours now, too

We would like to see you here as often as we are. We truly think it’s one of the most important rooms in the house

Use the tool at the top of the page as often as you feel you need to get something off your chest

It's a great way to practise talking to other people about how we feel

And the best part? No one ever sees what you write

It disappears off into the ether, the second you let go of it and press the “send” button

This room is all about getting rid of the grime that attaches to us, as we move through our day

It’s about fresh starts, clean breaks

Letting it all come out in the wash