Soft surroundings

On the day that Clarke wrote me a suicide note and disappeared, l was 6 months pregnant, and the nursery was the one room in the house l could bear to be.

I hid up there from everyone in the house, several times that awful day.

There’s just something so restful about a babies room.

Soft colour schemes. Cuddly toys. Warm lighting.

No thought ever feels to catastrophic when its done sitting on a nursery floor.

I was 37 years old before l ever needed to decorate a nursery.

So l never appreciated what benefits a gentle pastel colour scheme had on my psyche.

Is there a room, (or corner of a room, even)in your house that you could devote to gentleness? Softness? Somewhere warm, and cosy?

A place to snuggle up, switch off from the world, and be kind to our inner being.

We all deserve to feel cosseted, especially when working so hard on our Self Growth!

I always get the best results when l treat myself with kid gloves.

And l have never forgotten how soothed l felt, hidden in the corner of our babies soft pink nursery, on the worst day of my life.

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