Sort it out!

Oh Lordy,

You know when something is just an absolute STATE, and you don’t know where to start.

Cos honestly l have just walked into our kitchen, and wanted to run STRAIGHT back out again.

There is just stuff everywhere! All the bench space is stuffed with things that should be in cupboards.

Except l haven’t organised the cupboards in so long, that they also full to the brim with items that don’t belong there is no room for the stuff that is on the counters to go...

It did not get like this in an instant.

Nor did it happen overnight.

It was done in a hundred tiny choices.

Every time l chose to leave something in a place it didn’t belong.

Or decided against sorting a cupboard, in favour of putting some other task first.

Every time l chose not to make this room a priority. That’s what got me to this point.

And my mental well being works in exactly the same way.

So does yours.

We put off dealing with how we feel, in favour of other priorities.

Until it gets so bad that we can’t function like we used to be able to.

Sure we can sort it out.

But doesn’t it take so much more time and effort to do it now?

I am going to sort this kitchen out today.

Knowing its a bigger job than it ever needed to be.

But still knowing l will feel great when it is done.

And being kind to myself throughout the process.

What is on your well being list that you can make q start on today?