The perfect kitchen

The smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven

A hearty autumn meal gently simmering in the slow cooker

The warm glow from the ceiling spotlights, as the sun goes down and the evening draws in

Welcome to our perfect kitchen!

Well, perfect for us, anyway

We’ve never had a designer looking kitchen

They’ve all had fittings older than we are

With one exception, which was almost new, yet so tiny only one person at a time could be in there

In one house, the oven was so broken and misshapen, everything we ate for a year looked like an edible ode to the leaning tower of Pisa

And let’s not forget the kitchen where the floor was caving in so badly, we inadvertently became Parkour experts

But none of it ever mattered

Because those kitchens were filled with the business of caring for our loved ones, and ourselves

What made those kitchens so special, were the Christmas Dinners prepared by Clarke in his dodgy Santa onesies

Or Carrie painting the ceiling in green goop whilst trying to make baby food in a blender, but being too tired to remember to put the lid on first

We’ve never had a pretty, or even fully functional kitchen

But we‘ve always found joy in the ones we’ve had

And, most importantly, we improvised and used them anyway

Because, if we’d have waited for an oven that worked properly

Or a floor that wasn’t on the verge of total collapse

We would never have made anything good

There is no such thing as the perfect life conditions, when it comes to addressing our declining mental health

Work won’t get less busy. The kids won’t be more settled in school

And we won’t just suddenly wake up one day and magically feel better

We need to ask for professional help first

Let’s not wait for the ever-elusive optimal conditions

It is always now. Right now. Today

Now is the perfect time. Imperfect now

Unsteady ground and all

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