Them Upstairs

We’re all grown ups here, right?

Pay our taxes

Got a couple of kids of our own, that we make the rules for

Got a profession that garners respect from colleagues, employees, or the general public

How about that spouse or significant other that we sit down and make serious life decisions with?

We all tick at least one of these boxes, at some stage of life

So why is it, that trying to explain our less than optimal mental health with our parents, can leave us feeling like frustrated toddlers?

Thing is, it’s not just us:

Every single talk we have ever given, has resulted in an adult asking how to tell their own parents that they are:

•struggling emotionally

•having therapy

•are on meditation

It really is a generational thing

The giant chasm of understanding, between people of our age, versus our parents and their peers?

It is a very real thing, indeed

And we can’t just shrug it off

Learning how to quantify this, in a way that makes you feel comfortable and heard, is a vital part of creating and sustaining excellent mental well-being

And, if we can do it without blowing raspberries and calling them Silly Bumheads?

Well thats definitely an added bonus

That's why all of our discussions about the Baby Boomer-ish generation, take place up here in the “granny flat” or Annex

As ever, we've been there and done it

Actually, full disclosure?

We’ve been there and done it terribly, and on several occasions, too

Until we finally did it in a way that worked, and had long-lasting positive effects for all involved

So, have a trip up to the Annex whenever you fancy a chat about those wily silver foxes that raised us

Just make sure you finish all your dinner, and ask them if you can leave the table, and can you play up here, first...

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