This is Halloween?

lt’s Halloween Weekend!

I Know, it’s a weird one. And it’s going to be nothing like the ones that have gone before it.

But, if you can, try and make a thing of it anyway.

Clarke is having a round of fancy dress golf (guess who is making him join in with the 'voluntary' dressing up?!)

l will be hanging out with our little girls during the day and playing games in their dress up costumes.

Then it’s a Zoom quiz with my side of the family.

And rounding it all off with watching a bit of boxing.

It feels important to try and connect with occasions at the moment.

In a way, I’m putting far more effort into things like this than I ever did, pre-lockdown.

Back in the day, when the world was more normal.

l would have tied myself up in knots trying to make the day perfect for everyone.

And then berating myself because, of course, it is impossible to please every single person in a family the size and age-spread of ours.

I’ve finally figured out that it is not my job to try and give everyone around me the perfect celebration experience.

And maybe, just maybe...if I concentrate on having fun in the variety of ways l've planned for myself...they might just join me...

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