This Note: the Annexe

Now if you’ve read our eBook, you will already know that when it comes to the senior generations, we recommend a literal pen and paper note.

It is a medium that they are far more comfortable using than we are.

And, in general, a form of communication they use way more frequently than us.

It is a such a gentle form of correspondence, too, which is really quite important in this instance.

The older a person is, the more likely they are to associate all aspects of Mental Health with the asylums of old days.

Well we say “old days”, did you know the last asylum was closed in 1994?! It really is too dreadful to contemplate.

Anyway, the older generations need a lot of extra love and patience, when it comes to us discussing any struggles we are having, because it honestly scares them.

Is it fair to have to do this? No. But it is a realistic expectation. We can’t change the attitude to Mental Health that they were raised in.

All we can do is make sure we protect ourselves, and make sure we do not use anyone else‘s fears as an excuse to not get the right kind of help.

We are going to give some pretty blunt guidance here. It is exactly whst we did with our parents in the end, and the results were the best they had ever been.

(We say in the end, because we have informed them of crisis situations several times now, as we have experienced more than a few.)

So, here goes, ready?

Tell them after you have asked for help.

•After the first few therapy sessions

•Once you have been on medication for at least six weeks.

•After you have been admitted to hospital.

It is so important to establish a course of action and be on the path, so their knee-jerk, fear based response does not deter you from saving your life.

If you are writing a note that includes talking about therapy and medication, try and make it an incidental part of the note.

Because, after all, neither of these things are the main event in your life, merely the tools to help you life be as expansive and fulfilling as possible.

Also bear in mind you are simply doing them a courtesy by keeping them informed.

This is not about you justifying, or defending your excellent course of action.

It is wonderful being able to communicate effectively with our family and friend elders about our Mental Wellbeing now.

It is probably the most satisfying exchanges we have on the subject. Because, my goodness, did we have to put the effort in to make it this good!

Happy writing,


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