Whose kitchen is it anyway?

I love the solid rules of a kitchen.

ln a world often laced with chaos, the contents of a recipe can always soothe my soul.

No matter how random the contents of our fridge and cupboard seem, l can always pull them together, and good old Chef Google will find something to make.

The older I get, the more friends I have that love being in the kitchen as much as I do.

And we frequently swap favourite recipes with each other.

But, here’s the thing:

We don’t swap kitchens, do we?

So, what I’ve found to be perfect combination of measurements, for me and my equipment?

Might be a total disaster for my friend.

Maybe her oven temperature is more even than mine is.

Possibly she lives in an area with hard water, so the liquid content needs to be different.

What we‘ve learned through trial and (many) errors, is that whilst the ingredients are the components of the recipe that remain unchanged,

The timing and measurements can never be dictated by anyone who does not know our environment.

Clarke and I have learned that medication and therapy are the unchangeable facets of recovery from mental health crisis

But which medication, and the type of therapy, are totally dependant on our individual physiology and personality.

Your oven is not my oven.

In fact, Clarke and I have not only never taken the same medication; we’ve never engaged in similar therapies.

And we’ve certainly never had the same therapist as each other.

So, when it comes to seeking out the right kind of help on this path of wellness?

Gather all the recipes you like from anyone who is kind enough to share them.

Just don’t ever let them dictate to you how your kitchen works.

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