We Go Again

FRIENDS! Its lovely to see you all, both old and new ❤️

We have so much to talk about, and we can’t wait to share the huge changes that are coming to Clarke and Carries Place.

Thank you everyone who gave us the vital feedback we needed to make this place the very best that it can be for you.

THANK YOU to all of you who stuck around through very sporadic end of year content.

You will be seeing a great deal more of us now, we promise.

And thank you to our new friends! We are so happy to see you too!

Here’s how its going to go from here on in:

Every week we have a new topic, or question that we focus on.

It starts in our Because 2020 section. Then, we post specific content on it in EVERY room of the C&C House so we REALLY go in depth with our tips.

The recommended exercises in each room will remain, because we use them every day to help us stay thriving in our mental wellbeing. But the discussion on HOW we use them will be something we share in our Because 2020 section, just in case you want to have a go at some along with us, without becoming a member.

We will be on instagram every day to do a check in and ask you to rate your day so far from 0-10. Its vital we all start doing this. Its so quick yet the results can be used in every facet of our person development and mental health awareness.

Anyway, thanks again for your stopping by, we are so very happy to see you,

Love C&C xx

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