Welcome to our place...

We are so happy to see you


This is our place

Not just Clarke and Carrie’s


We want you to feel comfortable. Right at home. Safe and secure

A lot of conversations about Mental Health can feel very clinical. Totally alien and unfamiliar

Or just plain scary

We never want you to feel like that in Our Place

We are all here to practice better Mental Well-being, every single day

That is the most important word here: Practice

But we can talk more about that next time

For now we just want you to rest assured that we aren’t here to scare you with statistics

Nor are we interested in tricking you into telling all and sundry how you are feeling

We know from personal experience, that progress can’t be made under such circumstances

So please, feel free to make this your little corner of the world, just as we have made it ours

Take a little break from the stresses of your world

Make yourself a lovely cup of tea. Sit down in a comfortable spot and see what new things we have for you today, in Clarke and Carrie’s Place

There is a membership section, which is £2 a month. So we get to add new bits and pieces to that, everyday

This blog you are reading right now, and the section you found it in, is free, and there will always be plenty for you to explore on there

If you are not in crisis, but suspect that you aren’t as well as you could be

Or how you feel is starting to dominate your life

Now is a great time to check out the resources listed in the directory, that are in your area

If you, or someone you know, is currently experiencing Mental Health Crisis, please follow our instructions under the red light STOP section

In the past we have also had to follow the red light instructions, so please do not feel alone in this

It is the single most beneficial thing that any of us can do to keep safe

And there are absolutely no substitutes for these instructions. So please follow them to the letter

Then, as you start to get better (which we both have personally done), you can look for service in the Amber and then Green Section

And all services listed in the Traffic Light sections, are free

Every single part of Clarke and Carrie’s place took years of planning

We tell you this, because we want to to know how very important we take your Well-being

Your journey is our journey

We all must learn the right tools to get well

We all must practice those skills to stay well

Thank you for pulling up a chair in Our Place

We look forward to seeing you around

Love & Blessings,