"What do I need to do now?"

These are very uncertain times

Unemployment is about to hit an all time high, businesses have no way to forecast their next quarter, never mind their next few years

Rishi Sunak is doing what he can to help various industries and save jobs, but we can guarantee that his list of priorities does not match with our own

The pandemic has gotten many of us looking to the powers that be as the sole saviours for our current predicament

Yet it doesn't have to be this way

The government, the Chief Executive, the pandemic. They are all going to impact our lives and our current situation. This is entirely beyond our control.

What we can control is our approach to this situation, our mindset and our application towards a solution

When the pandemic hit and lockdown ensued, ALL of our work was cancelled for 6 months. Public speaking is a 'mass gathering', there was no way around it

I (Clarke) ruminated. I feared how we would pay our bills, how we would feed our kids, when will we be able to work again?

I got very low, sleeping a lot and playing games on my iPhone in order to avoid the 'present'

Then I decided that enough was enough, I was going to wrest the power back in this situation

We may not be able to do 'our' job, but I can surely do 'a job'

So I applied to be a delivery driver

"Computer says no"

A Customer Service Assistant

"Computer says no"

What on Earth? I'm seemingly either 'over-qualified' or 'under-experienced' to do anything

Then Carrie and I sat and talked our situation through

We were getting red letters, calls from 0203 numbers, text messages from debt enforcement agencies, something had to change

If the right job isn't out there for us, then we'll have to create it

And so we built this website

And another one for our corporate deliveries

And created a virtual course that we can deliver online

Things that a pandemic can't restrict

And as for the future?

I signed up for a degree in Psychology, up skill my self over the long term, for the long term

The external circumstances are still the same, yet I now feel empowered that I (and we) are in control of how we work and how we improve

It is very much like our health and wellbeing

The doctor, the counsellor, the family. They are all going to attempt to impact our journeys in order to improve our current situation.

Their efforts are external, they are beyond our control and, ultimately, they are utterly futile unless...

Our approach, our mindset and our application towards the wellness process is what it needs to be

And this doesn't mean being an all conquering warrior every minute of every day

It means evaluating our situation and creating a plan to move forwards

It means implementing that plan on a daily basis

Waking up and asking yourself

"What do I need to do TODAY?"

Step by step we will make progress towards the goal of maintaining wellness

We can translate this approach into many other facets of our lives, including our work.

The government, CEO, the pandemic, let them do what they may

We, however, will focus on what WE need to do today in order to develop, fulfil our roles and progress in work and wellness

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