What’s Your Comfort Noise?

Is it ever quiet enough for you to check up on yourself?

It isn’t just other humans that make a lot of noise.

We can live alone and still fill our world with background noise.

Clarke used to have the radio on when he slept at night.

Carrie leaves the tv on in every room during the day.

What’s your comfort noise?

Neither of us are fans of changing habits just for the sake of it.

There is nothing wrong with the radio being on at night.

Or the tele any time of day.

Comfort and familiarity aren’t the enemy of emotional growth.

The only thing we would point out that have learned around comfort noises is:

Be very certain you aren’t trying to drown out thoughts or feelings with the noise.

Because for a long time? We both most certainly were.

Its okay if it turns out thats what you have been doing. We both explored the )very different from each other), things we were avoiding, in therapy.

And, as we both discovered. Once faced-up to, these thoughts are never as scary again.

Now there is nothing to fear from the silence.

For instance. we are sitting in it right now quite comfortably!

Why are we doing it?

Just to briefly check up on ourselves

To make sure we aren’t inadvertently suppressing anything. Not now we don’t need to.

Not now we know how easy it is to get help and address what we spent years trying to hide behind the noise.

Give it a go if you get a chance this evening.

Do it way before bedtime.

Turn off your comfort noise. Set the alarm on your phone for 5 minutes time.

And, gently see where you are at, when the world gets quiet.

C&C xx

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