Where’s Me ToolBox?

It’s in our garage, of course!

Here’s the place to have a little tinker about with any new tools we share in any room

And we do love a good mental health enhancement tool in this house!

We never stop trying to hone our D.I.Y. Skills

Why would we, when looking at what we’ve built is so satisfying?

There’s an impressive array of tools at our disposal, none of us will ever run out of new ones to fiddle about with

And, like any D.I.Y. aficionado, theres always a good old faithful hammer, or screwdriver, that we just can’t bring ourselves to replace

Of course tools are needed to make changes to every room of the house

So you’ll see them pop up in every section

But we wanted you to have a room that felt custom built for those times when you really felt geared up to make changes

Some tools we can set off straight away and use merrily, all on our own

Others are slightly more complicated and need professional supervision

But we aim to share every tool we have ever tried, right here

So, grab your safety goggles and tool belt, cos we’ve got work to do!

C&C x

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